Marie McCray Licked Out by Kortney Kane

Big Tit Kortney Kane licks out Marie McCray's Pussy

Marie McCray is the daughter of the massage parlor’s owner and during her last visit she nearly drove Kortney Kane crazy asking her strange questions. When she stops in today she threatens Kortney Kane and tells her that if she doesn’t do exactly what she asks she will get Kortney Kane fired. Marie McCray wants a massage so Kortney Kane has her lay down on the table and gets to work. As she rubs Marie McCray down Marie McCray complains and tells her to take her robe off and kiss her tits. Kortney Kane does as she is told. She gets naked then massages and licks Marie McCray’s perfect big tits. Marie McCray then asks to taste Kortney Kane’s pussy so she crawls on top of Marie McCray in a 69. Marie McCray knows what she is doing and licks that pussy good. She demands that Kortney Kane makes her cum or she will tell her daddy. Kortney Kane focuses on paying extra special attention to Marie McCray’s pussy and makes her cum her brains out. Marie McCray got what she wanted, was very happy and Kortney Kane got a good report.

Lesbian Massage Fuck Pictures: Daughter of the massage parlor’s owner gets licked out


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