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Ryan Ryans and Tara Morgan at All Girl Massage

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Ryan Ryans and Tara Morgan at All Girl Massage

Ryan is FREAKING. OUT. The wedding is just a few weeks away and she has so much to do, and she just found out her dream dress won’t even be here in time! And her fiancé isn’t even around to help. It’s up to her BFF Tara to calm her nerves, but Tara gets a wicked idea over the phone from Danika to calm Ryan’s nerves the naughtiest way she knows how. Tara starts rubbing Ryan’s shoulders tenderly while dropping some sneaky comments about what a deadbeat Ryan’s fiancé is, and Ryan softens like putty in Tara’s expert hands. Soon Ryan is naked on the couch and as Tara’s soft fingers inch closer to Ryan’s fully exposed bushy pussy, Ryan starts to have second thoughts about her friend’s intentions, but by then, with Tara’s soft mouth urging her on, Ryan realizes that she just won’t be able to resist her best friend’s touch any longer. But what will she tell her husband?

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Nuru Massage for Birthday

Lolly Ink at Nuru Massage Parlor

It’s Marco Banderas’ Birthday! What better way to celebrate this special day by a sweet present offered by his girlfriend Keira. Marco walks into their bedroom, exhausted, but to his surprise he notices something strange on his bed that he’s never seen before a black protector covering the whole mattress. All this time confused, Keira is sitting on the couch, dressed in a stunning all white lingerie. She surprises his letting him know that because it was his bday, he was going to get a nuru massage. Excited to get started, the lover kiss passionately, Kiera removes Marco’s clothes aiming her way down his crotch sucking his cock and balls. It was now time for Marco to experience his first Nuru massage. How well will Kiera please her lover on his birthday? Find out!

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Massage Class Secrets Part Two: Study Break

Chloe Amour and Jenna Sativa at All Girl Massage

With exams coming up quickly, Chloe and her step cousin Jenna are busy studying, but Chloe is really having a hard time concentrating. Chloe persuades Jenna to take a break; however, Jenna is adamant of the importance behind it. Jenna receives a call from her friend Riley Reed, inviting them tomorrow to their exclusive new massage club. Chloe laughs at the idea and thinks she can be better at massaging. Jenna caves into Chloe’s tactics to avoid studying by removing her shirt and allowing Chloe to massage her bare back. Jenna felt a little self-conscious being the only one topless, so Chloe makes her feel better by removing her shirt as well. Chloe brags how good of a masseuse she is and proves it by caressing Jenna sensually. Things heat up where Chloe asks Jenna to take off her thong to massage her ass. Chloe tries to bribe Jenna into taking her test in school again yet Jenna thinks Chloe will have to work a lot harder in order for that to happen. How far will Chloe go in order to avoid taking that test again? And, will Jenna be convinced by Chloe’s bad influences? Only one way to find out!

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Rachael Madaori and Kleio Valentin at Nuru Massage Parlor

Musicians Rachael and Kleio are so thrilled to be off the road and on vacation for the day. Only problem is they’re bored! With nothing to do they summon their manager demanding he find them something to do since it is his job. The come to the consensus they want a big fat dick to fuck before their show tonight and will not take no for an answer, especially from their loser manager. Being harassed by the girls, he complies to their demands.

As promised, he hires Tommy Gunn, a Nuru masseuse dressed in leather chaps and a cute silver bow tie. Rachael and Kleio are not impressed with his massage and demands he dances instead. Tommy not being the dancing type tries to persuade the girls to lay down so he can go ahead with the massage but the girls have another plan in mind. They order Tommy to apply the oil all over his chest. The girls don’t feel he’s doing it fast enough so they take charge of it and drench his body in oil and insist he take off all his clothes.Things definitely take a turn as they push Tommy on the mattress, rubbing their naked bodies on his. Now that this party is actually going somewhere, they tell Tommy to turn over to look at his dick. He tries to resist as this was not part of the job description but having two rock star chicks attacking his dick is really hard to say no too.

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Ryan Ryans and Danica Dillion licking pussy before dinner

Ryan Ryans and Danica Dillion at All Girl Massage

Ryan Ryans is busy cooking the perfect meal for a dinner date tonight with Danica Dillon. Danica is excited for this evening and happy to get away from her kids as well as her husband to spend some quality time with her old time friend from college. They catch up on what they have been up to since they left the massage school, but Ryan admits she hasn’t had as much practice as she hoped. Since dinner is still not ready, Ryan proposes to Danica to lie on the the dinner table so that she can show her what she learned in school. Ryan helps Danica remove her blouse, bra and stockings. Danica is now completely naked. Ryan rubs Danica all over her silky body until she ends up near Danica’s shaved pussy. Danica doesn’t feel it’s a great idea or thinks she needs to be massaged down there, but Ryan thinks otherwise. After a little hesitation and persuasion, Ryan finally eases her way into Danica’s trust. Find out how Ryan pleases Danica in ways her husband could ever imagine!

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