Liv Aguilera and Alyssa Branch at All Girl Massage

Liv Aguilera and Alyssa Branch at the All Girl Massage parlor

Liv Aguilera wants a deep tissue massage and Alyssa Branch accommodates her by providing the kind of tight thong bikini bottom that many clients prefer, so they can avoid getting oils on their expensive panties. Liv models them in front of the mirror to make sure she looks good before letting Alyssa know she is ready for her to reenter the room. That kind of private decision is enough to let astute voyeurs know that Ms. Aguilera is already contemplating the possibility of things becoming sexual very soon. When Alyssa Branch sneaks a lubed finger inside the tight cameltoe cloth of those bikini bottoms, Liv Aguilera barely flinches… because everyone in the room knows how desperately she wants it!

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