Abby and Amanda Having Fun at the All Girl Massage Parlor

Amanda Tate & Abby Cross at the All Girl Massage parlor

Amanda’s so excited she’s moving in with her fiancĂ© that she’s been telling everybody — even Abby, the masseuse she’s come to see about the stress pains she’s been feeling in her back. Abby remarks that she just got out of a relationship, and at first Amanda feels bad for her, but in fact, Abby’s having the time of her life right now being single. She gets to explore her desires, her body, and as a masseuse, anybody else’s body for that matter. The more Abby talks about how freeing it’s felt to explore her sexuality, the more Amanda realizes just how much she’s been missing out on. She’s been with her fiancĂ© since she was 16, so she’s never explored or experimented with anyone. She realizes maybe it’s time to start. As the masseuse rubs and caresses her naked body, Amanda doesn’t just let go of her tension, she lets go of all her inhibitions, letting Abby pleasure her in ways that she never thought possible.

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