Lesbian Tantric 69 Pussy Massage with Abigail and Natasha

Abigail Mac and Natasha Voya at the All Girl Massage parlor

Abigail has been looking forward to her massage all week, but when she gets to the reception desk to check-in, nobody’s there… She leans her body across the desk in the hopes of finding someone but, no luck. So, she decides to take a seat and hope that her masseuse shows up. Having been left all alone for too long, Abigail passes the time getting herself in the mood for her massage. Just as she’s about to really enjoy herself her masseuse Natasha appears from behind the desk catching Abigail a little off guard. Natasha introduces herself and suggests Abigail get the ‘Tantric Massage’ to which Abigail eagerly agree’s to. Once undressed and all oiled up, the fun really begins. With Natasha’s help, Abigail’s in for a massage that’s well worth the wait!

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Fit Brunette Masseuse Amirah Drilled by Muscular Client

Amirah Adara at Nuru Massage Parlor

Marcus London is suffering from major muscle cramping due to his intense training for his upcoming fitness competition. Amirah his gorgeous masseuse tells him she knows exactly what to do to turn his pain, into pleasure. Even before stepping foot into the shower to begin the massage Amirah has Marcus loosening up, as she undresses him slowly, teasing his big cock. She works her way up his body and stops when she sees his face, pulling him in for a long hard passionate kiss. Things are so hot and heavy between these two, they may not even make it to the final stage of the massage before Amirah takes Marcus’s cock from her mouth into her wet pussy.

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Abby and Amanda Having Fun at the All Girl Massage Parlor

Amanda Tate & Abby Cross at the All Girl Massage parlor

Amanda’s so excited she’s moving in with her fiancé that she’s been telling everybody — even Abby, the masseuse she’s come to see about the stress pains she’s been feeling in her back. Abby remarks that she just got out of a relationship, and at first Amanda feels bad for her, but in fact, Abby’s having the time of her life right now being single. She gets to explore her desires, her body, and as a masseuse, anybody else’s body for that matter. The more Abby talks about how freeing it’s felt to explore her sexuality, the more Amanda realizes just how much she’s been missing out on. She’s been with her fiancé since she was 16, so she’s never explored or experimented with anyone. She realizes maybe it’s time to start. As the masseuse rubs and caresses her naked body, Amanda doesn’t just let go of her tension, she lets go of all her inhibitions, letting Abby pleasure her in ways that she never thought possible.

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Big Tit August Ames Rides Client Big Dick

August Ames at Nuru Massage Parlor

Gorgeous August Ames was always a bit of a prude in high school, and it led to a pretty bad breakup between her and her high school sweetheart Clover. Now, years later, Clover gets a call out of the blue from August, who wants to prove to him that she’s changed, and to make up for some lost time. She leads him by his dick into the shower, where she rubs his body down with soap and oil. Then things get even steamier when August takes a seat on Clover’s big dick and rides it the way he always wished she would when they were together. But the best surprise is yet to come, as August shows him the Nuru massage techniques that taught her how to open up to intimacy. She’s not a prude anymore, but will her new bold attitude be too much for Clover to handle?

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Lucky Client Screws Big Tit Masseuse Cassidy

Cassidy Banks at Nuru Massage Parlor

Tommy Gunn’s been taking shit from his asshole boss all week, and it’s stressing him out pretty bad. His masseuse, the beautiful young lady Cassidy, can sympathize — her dad is the same way, very strict and overbearing. As Cassidy strips down to reveal her shaved pussy and bouncing big tits, she promises Tommy she’ll make him forget all about his jerk of a boss. And for a while, it’s working. As he rubs his oiled up dick between her big tits and her warm, soft mouth, all his tension seems to go away. And then, it’s time for the massage, and as Cassidy starts to rub her oiled body all over Tommy’s he feels like he’s in heaven. But how long will that feeling of relaxation stay after he finds out that his mean boss and her mean dad are one and the same?!

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Busty Asian Masseuse Asa Akira Fucked Hard

Meet Joey the lucky guy who paid a visit to the nuru massage parlor. The stunning busty Asian masseuse Asa Akira is meeting him and they get down to business right away. The relaxation procedure starts with a hot steamy shower which includes some serious tit grabbing and cock stroking. Then the action moves into the hot bubble tub with some serious titty fuckig. And the final stage is the big ass air mattress where the nuru gel comes into play. After they are all slippery Asa takes his rock hard cock into her pretty mouth and starts off the first part of the final stage. However they quickly move to the last part the wild hard fucking. This site is filled with lovely HD massage videos, you can’t miss it! Head over to nuru massage for your own personal massage!

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Teen Lawyer Lola Plays with Bigtit Masseuse

Abigail Mac, Lola Foxx at the All Girl Massage parlor

Lawyer Lola is in a pickle. She’s on vacation, but when a brilliant teen lawyer gets ideas she needs to work. She’s had a really shitty day, first the WiFi at the cabin isn’t working do she has to go into town to find a café. On the way back her pone dies, and just her luck, she crashes into a tree. Poor Lola. Masseuse, Abigail has a day off today which turns out to be really lucky for Lola. They say when the worst happens your luck turns around in an instant! When Lola approaches Abigail’s beautiful mountain getaway, Abigail vows to help poor Lola whether she wants it or not. Lola’s stressed out, and Abigail realizes straight away. She is persistent while trying to help Lola calm down and as soon as Lola’s done on the phone Abigail helps her out of her clothes, and helps her release some tension from the stress of her day. Lola helps Abigail with some tension too…

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Three Bombshells Licking Pussy at AGM

Serena Blair, Allie Haze and Sasha Heart at the All Girl Massage parlor

Allie loves New Years Eve. And tonight’s not an exception. Allie rushes home to get ready for her night on the town with her girls Serena and Sasha. Serena and Sasha are not as excited about New Years, but they are excited by Allie’s energy and want to make sure she has a blast tonight. Unfortunately Allie’s excitement is not conducive to the slippery new stairs at her parent’s place, and in the heat of the excitement when her girls arrive she rolls her ankle and her leg spasms uncontrollably. Sasha is known for her world famous massage, or at least she has made her claims, but Allie doesn’t believe that anything can be accomplished by rubbing your muscles. How silly is that anyway. Well by the time Sasha has the leg all worked out, this New Years party has turned into a naked party! All three eventually become so playfully horny that NOT licking one another’s hungry pussies is not in the cards. They say, what you do on New Years Eve is what you’ll be doing for the rest of the year. I for one hope this party never stops!

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Gorgeous Black Masseuse Rides White Cock

Ana Foxx at Nuru Massage Parlor

Logan Pierce’s bud told him there’s a hot ebony babe at the spa that he needs to meet. Ana is his first ebony goddess, and he is incredibly nervous to meet her. He tells her his situation, and about his referral, and gets ready for the ride of his life! At every turn he can barely resist holding out his hands to touch her perfect body. Ana makes sure he is comfortable, and uses her hands to guide his all over her body. Logan and Ana have a chemistry we don’t see often at the Nuru Spa. The build up to the moment she finally takes a knee to but his cock in her warm mouth is palpably passionate. The way they kiss is as if they find each other equally stunning.

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Sleazy Delivery Man Fucks Big Tit Teen Masseuse Keisha

Keisha Grey at Nuru Massage Parlor

Barry is a sleazy delivery man. He sees Keisha at the spa when he drops off a big package. His dirty attitude really rubbed Keisha the wrong way. When he shows up for a massage she’s angry. When he threatens to call up her boss she gets nervous and gives in. As Keisha gets undressed, Barry takes in every inch of her gorgeous body. He gets ahead of himself, and Keisha makes sure to make sure he knows when he’s being inappropriate. Keisha sees his experience as a chance to show her dominance. This guy isn’t going to give up easy, so she needs to be ready for anything he throws at her.

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